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London, here I come

      When I first came to London I was about 10 years old. Before I was coming I thought like: "London? It can’t be anything special". And then I came here. The first thing that I’ve noticed was: "wow. There are so many black people." I remember that clearly. I said it out loud and my dad was like "shut up, don't be rude". Since then I respect them, because they are people, just like me. Anyway, it was winter and it surprised me because I felt like it was autumn. No snow, no ice, no cold and no coats, just little jackets, some people wore t-shirtS. I was shocked, but dad was like „it’s okay, every winter here is like that. Snow for us is a surprise". Third thing that made me feel weird - was people's culture. They don't look at you like at alien if you speak the language they don't know. When they saw me smiling, they smiled too. I thought "How can they do like this all the time? Aren't they tired of smiling?" That was so damn right. Other thing was SHOPS. So many colorful lights for a kid were too good to be truth. Then I didn't really think about the fashion and how I look. I was just obsessed about those beautiful things around me. I didn't notice, how quickly that week ran. Few weeks or even months I was obsessed about London, but I had to live my life in Lithuania so London was just a great memory. 
               The second time was even greater. I growed and came here for my own (the first time I’ve flown with my aunt). I was very tired, so I came and went to sleep. I remember when I woke up in the morning and I couldn’t remember where I am. When I had seen my dad I was so super happy and couldn’t believe I was there again. That time was different because I wanted be like those people, I tried to wear the clothes they were wearing and other things. That time I came there for 2 weeks but that was too short time to feel the real London's life.
           Third time I’ve traveled by the bus. It was so freaking terrible. It was a super hot summer, there was no air-conditioner, the toilet was always kept by someone and I couldn't sleep. That journey has lasted for about 20 hours and I was so tired and weak. When I came to London and got out of that damn bus I didn't think about anything else like "I'm finally outside". And when I met my dad and we went to the city I became bouncy and couldn't stay in one place. It was like "London, here I come again!" It was awesome. I’ve visited some popular places and I was so happy that I met new people (mostly dad's friends) and I’ve learnt English better. The journey to Lithuania was better because it wasn't so hot but it was still so long. But I came home with new impressions about London and I couldn't wait to come here again.
           Now it's a fourth time. I'm here for about 3 weeks and it's so weird that writing in English is so easy. I’ve started to speak better (all the dad's friends said that) and I'm glad. I'm happy with all these things here: like friendly people, all the shops, amazing parks and buildings. I really miss my family, friends and all the stuff in Lithuania, but I feel like here is my home too. It feels like I'm always welcome here and I belong here. Now I feel the real London's life, I don't rush, don't complain. It looks like only here life can be so perfect. It's so different if comparing with Lithuania and that isn't good because when I come home I see the differences between cultures here and there. But for now my home isn't here even if I want this so but so let's don't forget our friends and family in a hometown!
                   xoxo, Fall Out Girl

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